Friday, November 25, 2005

Womanising pisshead finally pegs it

I have a new job. For the next year I will be sitting in the goldfish bowl next to reception in the New Building. This has many advantages in terms of profile, space and proximity to sofas and filter coffee, but one major drawback: unless I wear blinkers I am constantly aware of the plasma screen in reception with its rolling news coverage.

I am thus acutely aware of how long it has taken George Best to die. 'Not dead yet', I've been shouting out every hour on the hour for the last two days.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I cannot understand why his shuffle off this mortal coil has generated so much media coverage. He was hardly the Pope, for god's sake (though I was no fan of his either).

I am interested in one thing though - did he wear out liver #2 as well, or are they going to be able to whip it out and give it to someone else? Legend lives on through liver: now that *would* be worth the headlines.



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