Monday, October 16, 2006

Dream time chez joella

Other people I know dream on a big scale. Different universes are involved and wild and crazy things happen. My dreams are disappointingly mundane while also being a bit scary. My unconscious drives down Southfield Road in a car with no brakes, or leaves her bag on a chair after being an audience member at Question Time. That kind of thing.

This morning, I dreamt that I was late for work (I *was* late for work). I went to the back door to get my bike from the garden and noticed that the key in the door was a bit bent (it *is* a bit bent - our lodger bent it in a panic while trying to lock out the daddy long legses).

So, and this is where we depart from reality, I decided to get out my tool bag and adjust the lock. I noticed that they were flat head screws and congratulated myself on understanding that this means it's quite an old door (modern screws are usually pozi-head). I started unscrewing the lock and it became something very large. Some of the screws were in backwards, ie pointy end out, and I moved them out of the way with a chisel.

Eventually the whole door came away, revealing a cubby hole with a slanty roof, a bit like a cupboard under the stairs. It was full of hair and old bike helmets.

And then I woke up, even later for work. How life affirming.



Anonymous Charlie said...

So you fit out the cubby hole as a spartan makeshift bedroom to some orphaned relative whom you despise, but who turns out to have magical powers. Bingo bango, hit novel on your hands, presuming someone hasn't got there first.

8:38 am  

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