Sunday, October 22, 2006

Deferred gratification

There aren't many things that would get you out in this weather, said M proudly as I dibbered in the crocus bulbs with rain dripping off my chin.

He's not wrong. Bulb planting is bloody hard work. Well, crocuses aren't as they're so tiny, but things like daffodils and tulips each need a decent size, decent depth hole, and this needs to be dug at exactly the time of year that the soil gets heavy and wet and sticks to everything in sight. You come in soaked to the skin with muddy knees and a dull ache in your lower back, and there's nothing to show for it for months.

But then you lie in a hot bath listening to the rain and know that come spring, when those improbably bright shiny things are waving around in the breeze, it will be so, so worth it.



Anonymous cookie said...

You are SO right. Today we got the weather predicted for yesterday, ie more rain in daylight than any Midlands county should have to suffer, while I was trying to clear the bed where next spring's tulips will be creating a stunning, colour coordinated display. Fat chance, had to retreat for fear of drowning, but am now actually ready to put the bulbs in. Maybe tomorrow

8:10 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

Well I only managed to plant about 20 out of 75, and I fear they may be about two inches less deep than is ideal, but it's a start! I shall have to come and admire your display...

I can't believe the rain we've had today. It's turned M's pond into an infinity pool and one of his fish floated out and died on the patio. But we did need it, I guess.

12:17 am  

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