Friday, May 12, 2006

Neun und neunzig corken sporken

I am not quite sure that's the correct German, but never minden.

For the last few years I have been collecting corks. I started collecting them because I read in a gardening magazine that they were good for putting in the bottom of pots. Which they are, but they are also, en masse, rather beautiful, and so we have simply amassed them.

Lots of them. During my week off I cleared out the drawer they were spilling out of and split them into real corks and fake ones, on the grounds that the fake ones are ugly and can be used as pot drainage, while the real ones can be fashioned into something with no discernible use which can take up space and gather dust.

Anyway, there were 99 real ones and 74 fake ones. Oh, and four fizz ones -- I am sure we've had more fizz than that, but maybe they got popped out the door. That's a respectable amount of wine don't you think, even if you don't count the screw tops we threw away.

I arranged the pretty ones (see some of them here) and admired them for a while, and then put them away in my Zambian basket for safe keeping. I am not sure this is healthy on any level. But I am not sure I care.



Blogger Phil said...

Obviously a slow day chez Joella

11:09 am  
Anonymous jonathan said...

Well my first thought was certainly 'collecting corks, now that's just mad, Joella'. But having seen the picture I do see the attraction... such an intriguing mixture, I can imagine spending a happy hour poring over the amassed collection, comparing the insignia of the various bottlers and the slight variations to be had in shape and, you're right. Not healthy. Not healthy at all.

1:19 pm  

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