Thursday, May 11, 2006

The angelica is taking over the asylum

Oh, I feel so much better. I was in the foulest of moods at the beginning of the week and then it got to the stage where I was boring *myself*, so time to move on. I have another virtual voodoo doll in my collection, but apart from that, I'm over it.

And I'm on to the joys of spring. The garden is positively throbbing: stand in it long enough and something else bursts into life. Warm warm sun and wet wet rain, it's glorious.

Last night I made fish soup with home-grown herbs, which was followed by crumble which M made from the rhubarb which thrives by the compost bin. The night was warm, the wine was cold, we played loud Elastica and it was hard to worry about anything. Ex-housemate S joined us and we heard about her new life as a lady of leisure.

I felt a bit envious... but then went to bed and decided it was warm enough to sleep with the doors to my little balcony open. This makes my bedroom feel like a huge tent, only you don't have to walk across a field to use the toilet. You wake in the night with a chilly pillow. I am not sure why I find this so life affirming, but today I feel unsquashable.



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