Friday, March 03, 2006

they know me so well

I was out with my housemates tonight. We ate mezze, drank white Rioja, talked about, you know, stuff. Work stuff, mostly.

Next week I have to have a significant and difficult conversation with my manager. I received comradely advice from them both.

K recommended trying a phrase she had just picked up on a training course: "I don't want to give you the impression that I'm in any way dissatisfied, but there are a couple of points I'd like to raise."

Tactical. I'll remember that.

M said: "I'd try and avoid using the words 'you bloody fucker'."

Top strategic advice all round.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

fine advice which I wish I'd recently been availed of. and the picking your fights bit from plumbing. always did raise my heed above the parapet which is brave some times and dumb more often.

12:52 pm  

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