Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sunday afternoon sauna

Sunday afternoon sauna
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We've been away. Hooray! Back now, boo hoo.

M and I decided to book a late break at Center Parcs. By ourselves. We weren't even sure you were allowed in without a brace of children, or indeed that we would know what to do with ourselves, but it was lovely.

We booked an apartment rather than a villa. That's what grown ups do. And when we got there they said they'd upgraded us to a penthouse. Woo hoo! We had two floors! Two fridges! Two toilets! Two balconies! And one of them had a sauna on it!

We went to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise and threw ourselves down chutes and rapids. We went to the spa and covered ourselves in ice and mud. We got up stupidly early on Sunday and went to a yoga class. We hung out in the sunshine looking at the giant redwoods, watching moorhens and making the most of being able to get hot enough to lie out reading the paper in the nip in the middle of March.

I feel, as the Lizard would say, clean and serene. It's a little like Pontins meets the Truman Show meets Disneyland, but sometimes it makes sense to suppress one's inner snob.



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