Saturday, January 01, 2005

So. Farewell then, 2004

Jan 04 Feb 04 Mar 04
Apr 04 May 04 Jun 04
Jul 04 Aug 04 Sep 04
Oct 04 Nov 04 Dec 04

Row 1 - January: Taj Mahal, New Year's Day. February: Tate Modern, Valentine's Day. March: Quince flowers.
Row 2 - April: Grape hyacinths, Easter Sunday. May: Table Mountain, Cape Town. June: Baileys with a view, Madeira.
Row 3 - July: Steward at sunset, Womad. August: Llangennith beach, Gower peninsula. September: Wheelbarrow wine cooler, M's birthday party.
Row 4 - October: Hallowe'en spider biscuits, Cardiff. November: Crisps in bed, Lytham. December: Christmas lights, home.

The temptation was to sit in and watch BBC News 24. Well, except that we don't have it. But you know what I mean. Instead we went out. Not to celebrate exactly, more to mark the end of one year and the start of another.

There was champagne, there was dancing, there was mayhem. We came home before 12 but there were lots of us and we were happy. We ate toasted cheese sandwiches and drank home-made sloe gin, and were only mildly diverted when M put his foot through the glass-topped coffee table, thinking (for some reason) he could walk on it.

And now it's 2005. May it be benign to us all, and may we be generous to each other.



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