Saturday, January 22, 2005

Finland, Finland, Finland

You're so near to Russia,
So far from Japan.
Quite a long way from Cairo,
Lots of miles from Vietnam.

I have wanted to visit Finland for a while. I put this down partly to the song, partly to the Moomins (especially the Snork Maiden), partly to its groovy wallpaper and textile designs, partly to its mixture of Scandinavian and Soviet influences and independence of character. And partly to its Arctic proximity, delivering Aurora Borealis possibilities in the winter.

Adding these things up, a holiday in Finland seemed like a splendid way to celebrate my birthday, which is next Thursday, so that is where M and I are off tomorrow. There may be a slight break in sobriety (23 days so far) but another reason for going is the vodka. And the saunas. And the huskies.

Anyway. Back in a week, all being well.