Sunday, June 10, 2007

Open Garden

Jardin de joella 4
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M is on the Events Committee of our local residents' association. I co-edit its newsletter. We are both slightly embarrassed to find ourselves community-minded in this way, but a) we have the skills and b) if you don't have small children you have to look for ways to meet your neighbours. So when the Open Gardens idea was mooted at a recent Events meeting, our names went down.

We worked like bastards to make our garden worth Opening. We weren't sure we had succeeded. About 30 people came to look at it today -- we had baby Tungsten round providing distractions, but people generally seemed to think we'd done ok with our 16 by 60 foot space.

A few people stood on the doorstep and said 'you're very brave to be doing this' before they'd even seen it. They were the ones who made us feel all right. And if you're reading this and you were part of the landscaping posse three years ago -- thanks: the terracing was the Most Admired. And rightly so.




Blogger Spine said...

Warren edits his parish newsletter. go figure.

1:04 pm  
Anonymous Charlie said...

Has the hedge recovered from the rollercoaster look I gave it?

12:39 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

Not *quite*, but we passed it off as a feature.

8:06 pm  
Anonymous Charlie said...

Oh man. I only wanted to help. I could see Miles wondering what he'd unleashed but being too decent to stop me.

Next time, I'll water the plants.

10:40 am  
Blogger Charlie said...

Um, I mean M. Sorry. I'd be hopeless in a war.

10:41 am  

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