Wednesday, June 27, 2007


On Monday, feeling a touch vitamin C-deprived after the weekend, I made my current favourite pasta sauce, which incorporates tomatoes and char-grilled red & yellow peppers blitzed with onions, celery and garlic softened in posh olive oil. Oh, and some basil. It's glorious. I cooked a ton of pasta, so there would be leftovers, but there wasn't enough left over for another whole dinner. There's never enough, no matter how much I cook.

But there *was* enough for spaghetti omelette. Spaghetti omelette sounds gross but is actually about the tasty as things get. You beat up some eggs, add some chilli, some herbs, some anchovies (optional), mix in your pasta and fry. You can have it on its own, or with sauce, or with veg, or with anything really. You can eat it with your fingers in big crispy chunks, or cut it up neatly with a knife and fork. It's the best leftover dish ever in the world ever. Makes me want to eat nothing but leftovers, even as I see the logical impossibility of this.

The leftover sauce, we had for breakfast this morning, on slightly stale leftover bread. Tonight, I shall roast vegetables, in anticipation of tomorrow's lunch.




Blogger Beth said...

You are making me feel hungry. And lazy - my repetoire food-wise has shrunk to about 3 things: rice & tuna, sausage & mash, and enchiladas.

oh, or 'something out of the freezer' (and I don't mean something freshly prepared from scratch months ago).

7:12 am  
Blogger Jo said...

Things definitely stepped up a gear when we started getting a veg box. And M is a bit old school, he doesn't believe in freezers, or microwaves, despite evidence to the contrary. But it does take time... if you roast vegetables, you don't go swimming. And I'm not sure chopping counts as exercise.

10:01 am  

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