Monday, May 21, 2007

Weddings, eh?

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I'm never quite sure what to make of them. This one was in the middle of the Peak District, and, being terminally stupid, we didn't factor either breakfast or lunch into our departure time. So we were running on a bottle of Lucozade and two packets of Frazzles by the time Wendy the GPS announced 'Destination!'. At this point we were a) clearly in the middle of nowhere and b) had 15 minutes to get to the church. There was swearing.

But we made it, much to my mother's relief. I will be writing to the Peak District council to suggest they trade off a bit of their outstanding natural beauty for a few road signs.

I do see why people get married, even if I can't imagine doing it myself, and it was a very beautiful setting to do it in - all around was bright, bright green, with super-sharp hills, a bright blue sky and big white clouds. It was like someone had turned up the contrast button. I am glad I wore red, I fitted right in. And the bride and groom genuinely seemed to be having the best day of their lives, which is as it should be.

But I still think 'the wedding' is a throwback ritual. The giving away, the bridesmaids, the hats, the men giving speeches. I've been to lots of weddings (some of them far more ostentatious than this one) and I can't help thinking they were designed for a different age. We haven't come up with many alternatives, though, apart from eloping or not bothering, so they carry on much the same.

Do you mind that I haven't done this, I asked my dad. The look he gave me told me all I needed to know.




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