Thursday, May 17, 2007

Grinner on the roof

Grinner on the roof
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How happy am I to have finished my leadwork? This isn't quite as big a grin as the one on the photo in the assessment folder, but still gives a fair indication.

As anyone who knows their way round a bending stick could attest, my leadwork isn't actually very good, unlike my pipework, which isn't bad at all. But I don't intend to do it ever again, so I don't really care. The best bit was getting to wear a special purple coat (seventeen sizes too big) and a welding visor. It reminded me of the white coats and safety specs we got to wear in the chemistry labs in the sixth form. I always felt cool in a lab coat.

In other news, check out this cat in an ambulance story. I love our public services.


PS and (as a result) the best lolcat I've ever seen

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Blogger bedshaped said...

I get visions of Flashdance for some reason.

11:25 pm  
Anonymous Saz Young said...

This cat maybe my neighbour! There was a fire down my road which started at 1am on weds...breaking glass, ambulance, fire engines, police...I have emailed Mr Reynolds to check that the owners were in residence so the poor patient can return home. Or maybe this is a sign...

10:13 pm  
Anonymous saz young said...

Mr Random Acts of Reality confirmed the cat was from the fire down the road - he said what a small world... thank you Joella for putting us in touch (I shall of course credit you in due course). I am now trying to help track down owners... and have you seen how many comments he's had on that post...

9:04 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

God, that *is* a small world! Glad to know the cat made it though (and bless you for starting Cats Reunited).

Bedshaped, yes, I've been having regular Flashdance fantasies. Although sadly I don't live in a warehouse and can't dance for shit.

3:18 pm  
Anonymous Saz Young said...

Cat reunited...

10:24 pm  

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