Monday, February 05, 2007

Ribena and echinacea

... is what I'm currently drinking, in a rather pathetic childhood-meets-New-Age attempt to sort myself out. Basically, I'm not right, but in a very unspecific way. My guts have been weird ever since we got back from India, moving randomly up and down the Bristol Stool Scale, and I seem to be running a temperature some of the time but not all of the time. When I am not, I feel fine, but if I get drunk, my hangovers feel disproportionately life-threatening.

Today I went for a long walk with round-the-corner S and Sheba the dog, then flaked out under a blanket on the sofa like a fleece-wrapped caterpillar. About half past three I got up to hoover like a mad woman (only mad women hoover, really), sew on buttons, leap around to the Cure a bit, change the bed, attack the cupboard under the sink, demand help (declined on grounds of lack of notice) in emptying the loft, and then coming over a bit funny again. I feel kind of misanthropic, kind of mutinous, kind of morbid. I don't think I can say that to the doctor though. But I think I should probably go and say *something*.

In other news, how the fuck can they call a factory with 159,000 turkeys in it a *farm*? Bootiful my arse. (Yes, I know Ribena is made by GSK, but somehow that doesn't do me in as much as intensive poultry farming.) I wondered towards the end of last year if it wouldn't be better to start eating free range meat and stop eating processed vegetarian alternatives, but no, I don't think so. If I started eating free range meat then sooner or later something from a factory farm like that would find its way into my mouth. I'll stick to the Quorn sausage rolls till the world's a better place.


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Blogger Ben said...

I had no idea of the existence of the Bristol Stool Scale until today. Now I may cut it out and paste it next to the toilet for easy reference.

8:42 am  
Blogger Jo said...

It's handy, isn't it? There used to just be number ones and number twos, but now it goes all the way up to number sevens. Whoa! Just went to check Wikipedia and now it's eight! (though I am not sure Type 8 will make it onto the official chart).

2:49 pm  

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