Thursday, February 01, 2007

On the to do list

I have a kind of rolling unwritten to do list of niggly little things. It seems to have about the same number of things on it at any one time... when I do one, like change the bust spotlight bulb in the kitchen, it is automatically and immediately replaced by something else. If I write it down, my current thought goes, then I might look back later and feel better. Worth a go: it is February after all.

In no particular order
  1. Sew button back onto orange pyjama top
  2. Tighten button hole on third button down on other pyjama top (so it doesn't come undone in the night)
  3. Put Christmas decorations back in the mini loft space
  4. Ideally, take everything else out of the mini loft space first and tip / freecycle things that have not been used for the last five years (eg electric blanket, third spare duvet)
  5. Change the other bust spotlight bulb in the kitchen
  6. Flatten ground for compost bin #2 and get it started
  7. Write to the council about the retrospective planning permission we haven't got yet for the hole we knocked in the wall four years ago
  8. Order the tools that I didn't order before my birthday, didn't get for my birthday, and still need
  9. Drill holes in the wall for the clip frames full of gig tickets currently gathering dust
  10. Fit the Ikea toilet roll holder that mocks me from its box every time I get caught short
  11. Find out which bit of the shower tray is leaking through onto the stairs and sort that out somehow
  12. Put the Zambian beer bottle top chairs on Ebay
  13. Research new fridge options (current fridge is 25 years old so this is environmentally advisable rather than rampantly consumerist)
  14. Buy four (four!) tiles for the shower cubicle so I can take off the plastic bag that has been taped over the shower unit for the last six months
  15. Develop tiling skills or find tiler who can genuinely say 'no job too small'.
I think 15 is enough to be going on with, though this is a list I could continue making all night. I haven't, for example, said anything about improving my relationship with iTunes. I am not sure my self esteem could stand it right now, frankly.



Blogger Beth said...

I have a list of similar fact 5, 7, 10 & 11 look scarily familiar.

7:10 pm  

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