Friday, February 23, 2007

Advertising and bile

I am up in Lancs watching TV with my mum and sister. I like to think I watch TV - for example I think Skins is the best thing to hit the small screen in many years, and I am taken with Lewis even though I know it's a bit naff, but compared to these guys I am a rank amateur.

A lot of what they're watching this evening seems to be on ITV. I can tell this because every 15 minutes there's a burst of Children of the Revolution, which forms the soundtrack to... a sofa advert.

WTF? If they're not foolable, then how, pray, could the children of the revolution possibly be interested in something that looks like a giant lump of fudge covered in cheap leather? Frankly, you couldn't *pay me* to have that shit in my house, and the only T Rex song I own is Ride a White Swan.

Maybe there's something ironic going on that I don't get. Or maybe they do think we're that stupid. And hell, maybe we are. Check out the death of the bile harvester - it's hard not to be on the bears' side on this one.

I guess advertisers and bile harvesters are just trying to make a living. I say, try harder.



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