Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fishy goings on

I think I'm a) finally better, and b) recovered from my (mandatory) Valentine's humbuggery. We celebrated on Thursday by heading out to see Space Heroes of the People at the Cellar: robots, dinosaurs and an electric double bass. Ace.

Good vibes continued on Friday with premenstrual-essential seafood and sticky toffee pudding at Fishers. We strolled home stroking our bellies and feeling smug, until we passed Adult World (not work safe, but in a depressing way), newly opened between Futon Central and Baltic Foods.

Is that a new sex shop? I said. Or is that one of the old sex shops re-branded? That's the weird thing about new shops, the moment they open you forget what was there before. Had there been no sex shops on Cowley Road until yesterday, it would be clear that this was new. Had there been just the one, it would probably also be obvious whether this was the same one or different.

But Cowley Road is long and dodgy, and it already has three. At least. If that's a new one we have to move. I can't live on a road with four sex shops and no fishmonger.




Anonymous Timbo said...

All we have is a bookies and a pub.
Best street ever in my opinion.

And that fish place looks mmmmmmm yummy. Timbo lurve fish.

12:31 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

It *is* mmmmmm yummy. Slightly up itself, but they don't laugh too much when you use the wrong cutlery.

7:23 pm  

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