Monday, September 04, 2006

Nonstop weekend

Nonstop Tango at Klub Kakofanney
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In classic work-hard-play-hard style, I had a big old weekend. Friday night was Nonstop Tango's first proper gig, at the Wheatsheaf's Klub Kakofanney (sp?). It was very very hot, and very very noisy, in a very very good way (the noise, not the heat. Could have done without the heat).

I was full of happiness for M, who was full of happiness for himself, and it was lovely to have so many people to have brief shouty conversations with and accidentally slop IPA over (sorry). Later featured going home instead of going on (grown up decision) and vast quantities of cheese and gherkin on toast.

In throwing myself whole-heartedly at Friday night (not that I'm really up to doing these things half-heartedly), I started Saturday with low energy reserves, and had completely forgotten that we were expected at a 60th birthday party in Acton. Which sounds scary, and in fact *was* fairly terrifying, as I knew not a single soul there, but was also held in a most beautiful house with gallons of fine wine flowing.

I took a photo in the toilet (must stop doing that) and made friends with the lone smoker, who turned out to be an interior designer who had advised on many of the house's more fabulous aspects. We admired each other's necklaces and generally got on, but later I found myself having my face stroked by her husband, who was shitfaced in the way I imagine Martin Amis would get shitfaced.

I remember us having a bit of a heated debate about something, and then I don't really remember much, but I did wake up with that vague 'did I disgrace myself or is this just normal hungover self-loathing' feeling.

What were we arguing about? I asked M. Well, he said, he called you a lady and you took offence.

Great. That one again.



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I think the photo in the toilet is great. As are any debates about feminism.

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