Monday, November 24, 2008

Sloe business

A month ago, there were two litres of sloe gin, steeping, we said as we stabbed the sloes with forks, for Christmas. Now there is one litre.

I have no regrets. The sloe gathering was huge fun, and only minor injuries were sustained. Likewise the preparation. The end product, even with inadequate steepage, was glorious. No lives were lost, and many arguments were augmented.

No, the problem is as follows: I'd like to see if we can get more sloe gin out of the prematurely drained sloes, by adding more gin and more sugar to the empty (bar sloes) bottle. It's a high risk manoeuvre, but it might just work. M agrees the risk is high, and would like to spread it across both bottles: decant half the gin from the already steeped litre into the drained one, then add more sugar and gin to both. I would rather risk losing a litre of cheap gin (well, 750 ml, the rest is sloes) by adding sugar to it and have nothing else happen than compromise the quality of our remaining purple ambrosia. 

What to do (given that there is still a month to go till Christmas)?



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