Friday, November 28, 2008

The mathematician and the Muslim

I left the room because nobody wanted to talk about poverty and faith and gender, and that's my topic of the day. I went to a seriously interesting talk about this (among many other things) at lunchtime, so in a way I started it, but it went off in its own direction and I was suddenly on the outside.

Housemate P was talking about faith. M was talking about maths.

But what happened, said P, before there was algebra?

There's always been algebra, said M. There might not have been anyone around to experience it, but it was still there. All of existence is numbers. Numbers is all of existence.

Heck. I shall go and tend the fire. *There's* something I believe in.


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Blogger Beth said...

"Life Before Algebra" - sounds like a Boards of Canada ep....

...would probably have been my contribution.

6:50 am  

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