Friday, September 21, 2007

Where the hills have names

Wind, hair, sticks
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The week in numbers:

Walks: 4
Bike rides: 1
Moors: 2 (my favourite being Stanton Moor -- my camera packed up but this photo is way better than any I took anyway)
Outdoor hot tubs: 1
Pubs: 5 (my favourite being the Black Swan in Crich: lovely pint, cheese and pickle toastie, mongrels welcome, lead piping in the toilets, what more could you want?)
Books: 1 (Money, by Martin Amis. Perfect for reading when either drunk or hungover.)
Derbyshire oatcakes: 3 (with fried egg and Encona: genius)
Celebs staying nearly-next-door: 1 (I think, I only went round to see if he knew how to work his oven, and I was a bit pissed)
Amount *per place setting* that the only cutlery I have ever loved (made in Derbyshire, tested on cake) costs: £75. I might have to get married after all.*
Old lead mines visited by boat: 1
Stately homes: 2 (my favourite stately thing being the gravity-fed Emperor Fountain at Chatsworth. Fucking amazing, frankly, given that the average British house can't manage a decent shower).

Moments of marvel at the joys to be had holidaying in England: many. Thanks Global Warming. Oh, and happy birthday M.


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Blogger Andy said...

Glad you had a good time, Jo. Stanton Moor is LOVELY - I've played a disc golf tourny there in six inches of snow, and done an orienteering event on it, too!

I have also walked slowly around it and taken in the sights at a leisurely place. really beautiful.

Look forward to hearing more about the trip when we see you next.

9:58 pm  

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