Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There'll always be an England

The Peak District is a fascinating place.

He's dead, but he won't lie down! said Phyllis, who works in one of the local Oxfam shops. The till drawer popped open, catching her on the hip. I got the impression that it was a surprise every time. I think she was talking about John Thaw, she'd found out we came from Oxford. Is this literature? she asked, trying to find a category for the Best of Linda Smith book that I was buying. I explained that she was a comedian, and had also sadly died. Maybe it's leisure, then, she said.

After a pint of Druid Ale and a bite to eat in the deserved winner of the Best Pub Sandwich of the Year Award 2005, we went for a gentle stroll on the moors in the hail. It would have been fine except I didn't have a belt on, and once my trousers soaked through they started sliding down my legs. I was wielding new walking poles, purchased at a knock-down price from a shop that also sold clitoral jewellery (only in Derbyshire, surely), so didn't have a free hand. It all got a bit gritty. But we got back to the car in the end, and came home for a hot bath followed by pickled garlic and Scotch in our pyjamas.

Later, we watched the news. It seems the banking system is about to enter meltdown. Makes me glad I haven't got any money, and that my dad keeps all his in paperweights.



Blogger tatton said...

still haven't mastered this old IT business I'm afraid. Give me paperweights any day. Anyway, you probably do know how it goes - can you somehow contact us (without letting the whole world know like I'm doing) to let us know your address so we can send you a wedding thank you card. Lots of love cousin in law x

7:39 am  
Blogger Jo said...

I've sent a Facebook message to P...

12:35 am  

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