Monday, August 21, 2006

What colour is my hair?

Still economising, but this time invested in a £1.50 wide tooth comb and a bottle of wine to soften up M so he would help me with the home dye job (still came in at about a tenner all in, which is a third of the salon price).

He wasn't keen initially, as he remembered the time his ex-wife got him to cut her hair and it all went horribly wrong, but he liked the special plastic gloves, which swung it I think.

So I sat on the toilet lid, he snapped on the latex and it all went well until, swinging me round to get a better view of my roots, he said 'so are you going anywhere nice on your holidays?' which made me laugh so hard I got Warmed Terracotta smeared right across my forehead.

It's still all wrapped in the Least Favoured Towel but it has to be better than last time.



Blogger tatton said...

Can't you become a steward for the union? You make loads of new friends, who you can have a laugh with, you have agreements with them rather than arguments and you can shaft those in charge and feel really proud about it. I love it. Especially now I've stopped working. That's another option. Work really is a nasty four letter word and it's about time it was abolished. Or left to the black market. Our true heroes don't work. They're the back bone of society and I salute them (us).

Since you had your appraisal or whatever they call it in your neck of the woods your entries sound depressed. Just pack it in.

Have some time off and have a car boot sale. Try living on £2 a day. It's much better than working.

10:42 am  

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