Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's great when you're, er, thirtysomething

... and you're tired and emotional (for which read drunk and premenstrual) and you think, well maybe a bit of Late Junction would be good while I finish off that Tempranillo and contemplate my life.

And your soul is warmed by Fiona Talkington, gently, and you begin to think, you know, could be worse, all you need in life is water and blankets and speakers and broadband.

M appeared later. First there was a big silence, and he thought Radio 3 had broken. I said 'no, it's just a minimalist thing I think' and then there was a noise and he said 'is this Morton Feldman'? After one bar! He was bloody right as well. Later he said 'oh, this is the London Symphonietta playing Aphex Twin'.

How did I get here? Not that it's at all a bad place to be, it's like Womad on Valium, but still.



Blogger Andy said...

Hi jo
That's very funny. We, too, were listening to Late Junction (for a bit of late-night soothing therapy).

And yes, that ultra quiet bit tune was a bit mad. I fell asleep to the Aphex Twin tune...!

2:02 pm  

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