Friday, August 04, 2006

Knobheads and joss sticks

I'm trying to spend less money. I'm not a particularly profligate person, and ginormous mortgage aside I am pretty much debt free, but I'm preparing myself for a future with a smaller income. Just in case I need to run screaming from the building.

It's not going too badly - I have been borrowing books instead of buying them, drinking Vinho Verde (£2.99 at Tesco!), and I brought my own lunch in twice this week.

But I think I may be going leetle crazy. I found myself in Lloyds Pharmacy in Botley (crazy enough, you might say) wandering up and down unfamiliar aisles full of bargain toiletries looking for deodorant. Which I found, but I somehow also bought a bottle of Yardley Sandalwood Eau de Toilette, surely the ultimate low-budget old lady perfume.

It was an exemplary impulse buy: unnecessary to the point of bizarre. I am not an old lady, and I do not need any perfume. It's also a spectacularly hideous bottle, and does not go with the Neal's Yard minimalist chic look I am trying to cultivate in the bathroom. I have been wearing it anyway, and M tells me I smell like a big joss stick. I fear he may be right.

So I was wafting around in a sandalwood old lady daze this morning when I heard our media people talking loudly (they don't talk any other way) about a knobhead. That's a bit rude, I thought, as I walked past with my breakfast (Frazzles! 40p!).

I walked past again a bit later and someone said 'we must make sure it *looks* like a knobhead'. I frowned and thought a bit harder, and realised they were on about an Op Ed.

I must keep an eye out for it.



Blogger Tim said...

Borrowing books is great. There are special bookshops called libraries where you can do it.
And because they cost nothing, you don't have to feel guilty about not reading them. Everyone's a winner.

10:11 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

Yes, I went and rejoined the library last weekend. They gave me a PIN so I can access my records online! I am very excited about this, though I confess to missing the little index cards in special drawers that I used to like flicking through. The library still smells the same though. It will be a while before that changes I suspect.

10:01 am  

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