Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Some things can't be denied.

Earthquakes. Floods. Pestilence. Poverty.

Let's not beat around the rapidly sinking, permanently salinated bush. Some things just are.

For many years I was an uncomfortable rationalist. It's not a discipline that sits easily with feminism (or at least with taking women seriously). As Cash's long-suffering missus says in the Shameless Christmas Special, clutching Debbie by the wrist as she sells her her first pack of tampons: 'NEVER FEAR THE ANGER'.

Right on, right on. We live in an uncertain world, and sanity has always been relative. One moment I can be raging, knife-brandishing and terrifying (yet terrified); the next pyjama-bound, bloody and whimpering (yet grounded). The world doesn't change, but I do.

Understanding this does not challenge science. It *is* science. And I felt a lot better about rationalism once I got to that point.

[lots more to say - but later, when I am more sober].



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