Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Some things can't be denied part II

I nearly deleted the previous post, because it proved impossible to edit it to make any sense, but decided to leave it and write another one explaining it.

Essentially it was expressing my pleasure at reading Francis Wheen's book How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World, with its impassioned defence of rationalism of all kinds. He mounts a strong attack on post-modernist relativism, which I particularly enjoyed, not least because he is very funny.

It was also attempting to articulate my particular blend of feminism and rationalism, and finally respond to the enormous shock and grief I was feeling as the news about the Asian tsunamis rolled in and kept on rolling. Which linked back to the Wheen book's lampooning of those who deny that things (eg the Holocaust) have happened, and argue that any one account of history is as valid as any other.

But my main response to the news was to get extremely pissed and have a good cry, which is why what came out was such gibberish. Hope that's all clear now.



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