Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can I just say...

Three things, having just watched Newsnight.

1. The opposite of anti-abortion is NOT pro-abortion. Nobody is pro-abortion, at least nobody I've ever met. The opposite of anti-abortion is pro-choice.

2. Relatedly, young people do not get pregnant. Young women get pregnant. Can we please at least MENTION gender when we talk about teenage pregnancy?

3. Like Stephen Fry once said about Noel Edmonds: a short word about Michael Winner - No. A long word about Michael Winner - Unconscionable.

Calm down dear, I know.



Blogger tomato said...

number 2: ahh, but then we'd also have to mention young men and that would......oh, no, actually we wouldn't. Turns out that contraception is still entirely the responsibility of the young femmes.

SO, lets go back to not ever mentioning gender b/c it just gets 'peoples' backs up and makes for uncomfortable conversations about equality or lack thereof and nobody wants that.


5:27 pm  

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