Monday, February 02, 2009

When I was a lass...

... it did snow more. It *did*. I remember walking to school in my wellies, which were higher than my socks, and the rub rub rub of cold rubber against bare legs. I can still feel it now. That must have been in the 1970s, so we had more snow *and* long hot summers. Who said the past didn't go anywhere.

And then there was the big freeze of... 1981? 1982? Somewhere round there. School was no longer within walking distance, though it was only shut for a day. It might have been that day, or it might have been a non-school day thenabouts that I offered to go shopping for various little old ladies in a nearby cul de sac. There was a Spar down the road, and I attached the laundry basket to the toboggan with bungee cords (I may have had adult assistance for this) and then hitched up the dachshunds. They couldn't actually pull me, of course, not actually being huskies, but they did manage a load of Ambrosia Creamed Rice, teabags, barley sugars etc with only a couple of disappearing into snowdrift incidents. I felt as much like Laura Ingalls Wilder as it was possible to feel on a housing estate in Lancashire.

We knew how to make our own fun in those days.



Blogger Ben said...

"Hitch up the dachshunds!" would make a wonderful line in a movie. Or possibly the Goons.

The big freeze to which you refer was late 81-early 82. It delayed our departure for a skiing holiday in Italy, and when we got there half the pistes were shut due to lack of the white stuff.

8:50 am  
Blogger Beth said...

Yes, and in the 70's the snow used to stay piled up at the side of the pavements for weeks didn't it?

'The Long Winter' is my favourite Laura Ingalls Wilder, I was leafing through my 1974 Puffin(30p)only yesterday (we have no snow at all up here)the glue is failing and I think, if I attempt any more re-reads, the pages may fall out.

12:40 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

My copy is in the loft. I will attempt to dig it out when we finally get round to putting the Christmas decorations away.

And yes, it used to go a strange brown colour. I wrote a poem at primary school which included the line 'tuna fish snow in the road'. I can't remember the rest of it, sadly.

Ben, yes, that'd be right. I had a big crush on my uncle J's best friend Gordon and I got to go down a hill on a sledge with him. It was cooooool.

5:14 pm  

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