Monday, December 15, 2008

Between the Lines

There are two things I often want to blog about and don't.

1. Work. As previously mentioned, NGO X has a blogging policy. This means I can't say anything BAD about the place, or anything MEAN about anyone who works there. So if, say, I felt that there were some DUMB things happening, I would have to keep them under my virtual hat. I'm not saying that, of course. I'm just saying that there's a box of wine in the fridge.

2. The challenges of stepmotherhood, which come and go in a way I cannot anticipate, especially at this most fraught time of year. I *thought* we'd made it perfectly clear that there were no obligations, no strings, see you whenever, but an unwelcome third-party analysis suggests otherwise. I'm not saying it's not hard for them. I'm just saying there's a box of wine in the fridge.


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Blogger tomato said...

Point 1: Even with such scant detail, my empathy goes out to you.

Right now I'm miffed too, trying not to take it personally that after 5 years of service I didn't even get a simple goodbye and thanks for all the fish card. True, it was awkward as I've been off sick for the last little while, but still...

Good thing we do it because we care, right?

SO, about that box of wine...

(produces two large glasses, extravagent cheese...)


11:42 am  
Blogger Jo said...

Tomato, that's just rubbish. I didn't know, and I apologise on behalf of the charitable behemoth. Next time I am heading Manc-wards for a couple of days (springtime, I hope) I shall attempt to redress this xx.

12:35 am  
Blogger tomato said...

Hey, you've absolutely no need to apologise on behalf of anyone!

Someone told me once that when it's time for you to leave something that's really helped you to grow, you look for the irritations that will make the leaving a little easier. I'm thinking of it like that. Sand in my shoe, after what has mostly been a really good walk.

Do let me know if you're up this way and fancy a drink or summat. I'm floating on grand marnier residue right now, but should probably be fine by spring. x

7:19 pm  

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