Friday, October 05, 2007

My hey, hey my

A long time ago, when staying in on a Friday night was still the worst thing imaginable but doing a line of speed before heading out the door was no longer viable (that was only a brief phase, mum, honest), I discovered that much under-rated cocktail: vodka and Lemsip. Seriously, if you feel like shit but you need to be out there, it's the business. (If you feel like shit but it's ok to stay in, go straight for a hot toddy.)

A few years later, along came Red Bull. Someone with a cold once dubbed it Party Nurse (and indeed it does taste a bit like medicine), and ever since then I've thought of vodka and Lemsip as Party Nurse Max.

We could have done with some Party Nurse Max tonight, but instead we came home early, which on Cowley Road at this time of year makes you feel like a salmon swimming upstream. We were sitting in the Oxford Thai running low fevers and wondering what to do next, when M said 'I think we should just head back'. Well, I said, it's better to fade out than to burn away.

Vodka, we don't have. But Lemsip, we do.




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