Monday, October 15, 2007

The law of halves

Half a Ribble Rouser and half a perry
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When we got to the Beer Festival on Thursday, they were only hiring out half pint glasses. They did have pints, I guess they'd just run out.

And a bloody good job it was too, as otherwise we'd have been in all sorts of trouble. I was (relatively) sensible and designed my tasting round a Lancashire theme: brewery in Lancashire (another) or brewery in town that can be seen from Lancashire (which some would argue still *is* in Lancashire) or brewer from Lancashire (I had inside knowledge on the last). One from Yorkshire did sneak in but it was Jeremy's favourite, and her tasting notes were so beautiful that it was hard to say no.

M went for a more eclectic approach, including perry (why?!) and coconut beer in his list. Remarkably, thanks to the half pint glasses (which I found in my bag the next morning, with my beer-soaked programme) he survived to tell the tale. And I can assure you they are all better at making beer than they are at making websites. Which is as it should be.




Blogger Simon Bell said...

Oi! You offering a beer for HTML deal?

12:10 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

Hang on, haven't I already sent you HTML stuff?!

9:57 pm  

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