Monday, October 08, 2007

Blair Witch Mystique

my facebook profile photo, which come to think of it you might not be able to seeMy newest Facebook Friend (whom I have actually known for 18 years: I am thinking that, like Eskimos and snow, or Northerners and bread rolls, we need more words for friend) told me that my profile photo made me look like I was in the Blair Witch Project. I was actually pretty chuffed.

I was wearing the same woolly hat (which used to be my mum's) last Monday night when J the plumber came to pick me up for a couple of evening jobs. I'm not sure you'll need the hat, he said, but you look very cute in it.

And it was on my head again this morning when I pitched up in Didcot feeling like shit, but not enough like shit to let the side down. I got in the door, worked out what was missing, and said to G, who was already assembling kitchen units: 'arse, I forgot my blowtorch'. The customer was still in her pyjamas, as we'd arrived surprisingly early, and she grinned from ear to ear and said 'now I've never heard a woman say *that* before'. Yeah, I said, we're normally very good at remembering them. But I was grinning too.




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