Friday, July 14, 2006

Pyjamas, Glenfiddich and wi-fi hotspots

I am feeling a lot better. I managed to order Greek salad and chips for my dinner, although it was a struggle, as the waitress kept explaining that the salad came without chips. Yes, I see, but could I have extra chips? Salad and chips? Yes please!

They were both fine (Malawian chips are home made, they look pallid but taste very good) but everyone at the next table was most intrigued and the waitress pointed at me and said ‘chips and Greek salad!’ Green salad? Greek salad! Maybe I’ll start a trend. Or maybe I should just quit trying to be vegetarian in Africa.
I am getting a new room tomorrow (probably) as this one has a veranda door with no key, but for tonight it’s mine, so I had a long, slightly orange bath, got into my pyjamas and cracked the tiny bottle of 12 year old Glenfiddich I allowed myself at Heathrow.

I had my Malarone, read through my notes for tomorrow, and thought I could usefully do a little bit of work… and then when I turned on my laptop it found me a wireless network! Not a free one, sadly, in fact one which costs 3000 Kwacha (about £12) for a five hour card, but you know what, I might just buy one. And then I can blog from my bed in Blantyre. How the world changes.

I’m doing this on the free five minutes, to see what the speed’s like. And then I plan to watch some depressing Middle East meltdown on BBC World (the news is always scarier from a hotel room) and sleep the sleep of the recently long hauled.



Blogger tatton said...

Utterly amazing that all this is possible. Does the wireless network mean a faster connection than you originally thought?

10:49 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

well... it's faster than the connection in the office, but still not great, and you are paying £4 an hour... so pretty exorbitant. But it means I can do this from impossibly far away, in comfort, which seems worth it in itself!

9:20 pm  

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