Monday, April 17, 2006

Ruby wedding celebrations Up North

Nail varnish drying
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My parents got married on 16 April 1966. It snowed.

Forty years later, the sun was shining brightly in a perfect blue sky, and I was frantically dabbing nail varnish onto their anniversary present.

I went right up to the wire as I spent Friday (allocated present finishing day) chucking up, for reasons which may have to do with takeaway pizza on Thursday night, but may be completely random.

But it got done, and it was a total score. I am dead chuffed, and very proud of my parents for managing to make marriage look like a natural state of being, something I have seen very few other people pull off.

The sun shone, Lytham was sparkly and crisp, we ate and drank and generally celebrated. Even the perma-tanned Daily Mail reading 4x4 driving nouveau riche Stepford couples with whom my home town increasingly seems to be stuffed only pissed me off a little bit. When I am queen they will be first against the wall, but I can wait. This weekend, there was more important stuff going on.



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