Monday, April 24, 2006

Crazy on the weekend

Crazy on the weekend
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We went to a Finnish party on Saturday night, featuring salmiakki vodka (with salmiakki being serious salty liquorice). It was jet black and pretty fierce. There was also lots of lovely food and lovely company, but it's the vodka which did for M.

We sensibly left at 11, but then less sensibly dropped in on his friend M, who lives round the corner. He was very welcoming and gave us some wine, until I got the hiccups and M spilt his drink on the carpet, at which point we left, me clutching some bath taps he was going to throw away, so I could practise on them.

On the way home M tried to go to sleep on the pavement several times, and I had to wave my taps violently at him to make him get up. Eventually we got home (these are the journeys where you get your 10,000 steps for the day into half a mile) and I opened the front door.

M threw himself onto the hall floor (like this) and refused to move. I managed to lift up his feet so I could get the front door closed, but then I gave it up as a bad job. I left him a note though.

He still has a hangover.

We did recover sufficiently to attend a double fondue event at Jeremy's last night though, which was very fine. My only regret is that I didn't know in advance that there was going to be a chocolate fondue following the cheese one. If I had I would have donated my Lindt chocolate bunny, which could have been lowered in ears first, Fatal Attraction style.

Always next time.



Blogger Ben said...

Did M own those trousers in LI days? They seem strangely reminiscent.

8:59 am  
Blogger Jo said...

Well spotted Ben! They are one and the same trousers. There are only so many occasions where acid orange trousers are appropriate ("if any", some might add), so they have lasted well.

9:49 pm  

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