Wednesday, May 19, 2010

By the beck near Boggle Hole

This is my new favourite place. A lane comes down to the beck, and then runs out. There's a footbridge over it, but there's also a little ford, and its heap of rocks creates a mini weir, which the water bubbles over. I could listen to that noise for ever.

You can also hear the birds singing, and the bumble bees buzzing.

There's a bit of pebbly sand to sit on, and if it's warm you can paddle. The air is still, and full of the scent of wild garlic, which is all around.

The trees are coming into leaf, beech trees I think, with trunks clothed in ivy. There are ferns, and moss, and a big holly bush, and brambles, and some irises yet to flower and some red campion just beginning to.

But the main thing is the water, flowing down to the sea.


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