Friday, October 16, 2009

Hurty foot update

This isn't a very good 'after' photo: there are still strips covering the stitches and there was a bit of bleeding which I haven't been able to wash off yet. 
But let's just say it hurts. Not so much when I'm not doing anything, but a lot if I try and walk on it. They did warn me. I did say 'yes of course I'll take it easy'. I didn't quite realise I wouldn't have any choice. 
Which made it all the weirder when, nine hours after I can back from hospital, when I was lying on the sofa full of wine, painkillers and macaroni cheese, the doorbell rang in an urgent kind of way. It was the students from next door -- the side we like -- asking if we knew how to turn their water off as their toilet had exploded and the bathroom was flooding. So I grabbed a walking pole and hobbled round. We got the water off but the toilet didn't have an isolator. 
So M followed with my tools, and I ended up breaking all the rules of plumbing: don't do it when you're a bit pissed, don't do it in your favourite trousers, don't do it when you can't walk. Nothing too drastic - just cut the pipe to the toilet and stuck a cap end on it so they could put their water back on, but they couldn't believe their luck, and I woke up the next morning in a codeine haze thinking 'did that really happen?' 
Guess it did. And, as the nurse said, Moley's in a pot now. I wanted to ask how she knew I'd called her Moley, but I guess it's a pretty common name. 

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Anonymous jonathan said...

Hell, Joella. I don't tune into you for a couple of weeks and you damn near have a foot off. I'm glad to see you're coming out of that episode OK and think you showed great prescience (if that is the right word) in not opening the letter with the scary 'T' word in it. Also you're right, your last three posts would in any sane world be required reading for any undecided punters in the great Transatlantic 'Social Medicine' debate (my sister lives over there and can talk at great length about the horrors of the alternative).

Finally I am also aspiring to a semi-retirment spent half-pissed on the allotment... I'm just sligthly behind you, in that our name only went on the waiting list a week ago, so I will possibly actually be retired before I get anywhere near a plot...

9:15 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

Hey Jonathan... good to hear from you! I have a theory that allotment waiting lists will shorten as quickly as they lengthened, so hang on in there. I shall elaborate on this theory in a post currently under construction...

11:55 pm  

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