Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got till it's gone

I've just been out on my own, for the first time in nearly a fortnight. Only to the Co-op, and only because I'd run out of wine. M would have gone if I'd asked him to*, but he's not drinking at the moment, and it didn't seem right. 
So I took off my slippers and put my trainers on, and limped slowly down the road in the clocks-gone-back drizzle, sniffing the air like a dog and obstructing the hordes clattering down behind me on their way out to tick another box on their student experience checklist. 
It still hurts to walk. In a 'you probably shouldn't be doing this' sort of way. I have a stitched up wound with various non stitched up bits opening up off it. If it was on my head or my arm or pretty much anywhere except the side of my foot, I think it would be better now, but despite doing *almost nothing* for what feels like forever, keeping it clean, keeping it dry, adding Sterastrips to give the stitches a helping hand, every day it still bleeds a little. 
I have evolved two modes of moving around. The first involves just putting weight on the ball of my foot. You can move quicker that way, but your leg soon cramps up. The second involves putting weight on ball, heel and instep. This can only be done very slowly... any attempt at speed makes you feel like the whole thing might bust open at any moment. Which it might. 
You do of course, at least if you're me, spend much of this time thinking about people who have to walk a long way with wounded feet, and what fucking agony that must be. Or people who can't walk at all. 
My whole life is geared around having functioning feet, I just never realised. And while I usually find the termtime walk to the Co-op fairly oppressive, what with the non-compliant rubbish that the council will never collect, the badly parked Minis that I want to run a key down, the shitty dance music emanating from every window, and the clouds of posh girl perfume that just don't mask the stale smoke and the ghd-singed hairspray... tonight it felt kind of liberating. Look at me! I can walk to the shop! Buy a bottle of Soave and some houmous! Walk home again and put my foot up! I don't care that it's raining! I don't care that I'm in your way, but I will of course let you past if you ask! No, I don't need a bag! Yes, I have a Co-op membership card! I am part of society!  
The odds are that my foot will be completely fine at some point soon. I hope I will remember to celebrate full foot functionality, and also to get a little less annoyed by shit that doesn't actually matter. 
*In fact, M has been a gold-standard boyfriend throughout this whole experience. Except for coming home with No Added Sugar Ribena, but that was an honest mistake.



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