Friday, April 03, 2009

Same old shit, different century

Not a great week for the ladies. Over here, we find out more about the man who killed his wife, daughter, horses and dogs before burning down his house, like they were so many things to cross off a list. Rich and dead, or poor and alive, I wonder which they'd have chosen if he'd bothered to ask them?

Over there, we have the public flogging of a teenage girl, for being in the same house as an electrician, at whom she may or may not have made eyes. The government are at least protesting, which is more than can be said a bit further over there, which is busy legalising rape within marriage, and making it illegal for women to *leave* the house without their husband's permission, unless it's an emergency, like maybe the electrician coming round.

Says one over there MP: "Men and women have equal rights under Islam but there are differences in the way men and women are created. Men are stronger and women are a little bit weaker; even in the west you do not see women working as firefighters."

Now a) if you don't see them that's because you're not looking, and b) I don't quite see how firefighting relates to consensual sex and personal freedom. But that's possibly because I'm, you know, a little bit weak.

And back over here, of course, there was Masturgate. Clearly Ms Smith has not covered herself in glory of late, but now we've all had to think about what her husband's been covering himself in, I can't help but feel sorry for her.

If it weren't for Michelle O, it'd be hell in a handcart all round at the moment.



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