Thursday, September 25, 2008

Watching the students #1

They've not been so bad yet really. Tonight though there was that noise that you know augers ill. That noise which is largely made up of bad dance music combined with shrieking at a volume that can only be achieved with heightened levels of intoxication, with all the doors and windows open. And it was only 8pm. On a schoolnight.

We were eating where we normally eat, with the back door open because we'd made a lot of smoke cooking, what with my Jewish potato cakes (I am potato rich at the moment) and M's chargrilled broccoli with chilli and garlic. We were relaxed about the noise as we have made this noise ourselves, except with better music. And it was only 8pm, and we were drinking steely ice cold Sauvignon Blanc and generally counting our educational blessings.

But I did wonder how many of them there must be in there to make that much noise, especially when they did assure us faithfully and politely that they would let us know before they had a 'rowdy evening'.

So I stood on my chair to look out of the window at their house. There was definitely a gathering in the back room, but not what you'd really call a party. There was also someone leaning over the sink in the downstairs bathroom, visible through the frosted glass. She was there a while.

I think one of them's chucking up already, I said to M. That's probably a good sign.

She carried on, lifting her head up then going back for more. Then another head appeared from the right. If I remember that bathroom correctly (and I have seen it, as I expressed an interest in the plumbing while the landlords were doing it up), head #2 belonged to someone who must have been sitting on the loo.

How odd, I thought, to chuck up in front of someone else. Especially when there are three toilets in the house.

And then I thought, no, she's not chucking up, she's snorting something.

I bought M a little video camera for his birthday. I am thinking of starting a StudentCam channel on YouTube.



Blogger Spine said...

It's the resigned "#1" that worries me.

You are not a passive, pruriently observing victim here, Joella. Take the fight to the buggers. Do something in *your* back garden or lav that will a) leave them slack-jawed and dumbstruck, and b) make them want to post blog entries before moving out.

11:54 am  
Blogger Jo said...

I did stand on my balcony wearing only my pants at 2am and shout 'Get In The House It's Fucking Wednesday'. They did get in the house at that point. Next time they get M. He doesn't wear pants in bed.

1:56 pm  

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