Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joe Six Pack And His Slippery Slope To Socialism

You know, I almost feel sorry for George W. First he started a really stupid war by lying about stuff, and as a result we worked out that his 'serious' face was not to be trusted. So the next time he put his serious face on nobody believed him, and as a result he's presiding over the sudden disintegration of global capitalism. What's a cowboy to do?

I don't have any shares and my pension was most of a hill short of a hill of beans anyway, so as long as I have enough of a job to cover my share of the mortgage, and M has enough work coming in to cover his, I reckon we'll work something out. Neither of us has a credit card, and we have learnt how to grow onions, potatoes, broad beans and (tbc) brussels sprouts, so we can move into Austerity Mode at fairly short notice. There's a lot to be said for being low maintenance. As Plumbing S said, while taking a chainsaw to another fallen tree, 'I might be oil-poor but I'm wood-rich'.

On the home front, I have taken Mr B's advice and found a secret weapon in the War Against Brookesalikes. Our new housemate is black and 6'3". I was telling him about the recent shrieking issues. Oh, I'll go round next time, he said. When I ask people to keep the noise down they usually do, for some reason.

I'm almost looking forward to it.




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