Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"welcome to joella, my reflective if slightly alcoholic alter ego"

joella's first post was five years ago today. The title of this post was her first blog strapline. It's gone now, though maybe it exists in a cache somewhere.

I started blogging because I was working in NGO X's internet team and the media unit wanted to know how hard it was to set a blog up. I set one up in about three minutes.

They never used it. I could have told them they wouldn't, and in fact I did. But to see how hard *that* was, I set up another one and started writing. And the rest is archives.

By way of celebration, here are my favourite posts from five successive Novembers:

November 2002: Still baffled by FTP. Post #3. Still getting the hang of it.

November 2003: You can take to multiculture even if they don't drink. An early example of a headline-led post. And interesting now, as I can't *believe* there was a time I didn't know what Eid was.
November 2004: Cure for the common cold. Folk music and coal mining. To be fair, there weren't many coal mines in the Fylde, but I think I was talking of the North of England in general. This is a storytelling post, and when they work I like them the best.

November 2005: Women! Don't expect any help on.... Short and a tiny bit ranty. Still makes me smile. And by 2005 there are comments!

November 2006: No heroines. I was proper angry when I wrote this, and I'm glad to have a record. I wouldn't really want 32 Flavors played at my funeral, mind. Insufficiently understated. Suzanne Vega's Left of Center was the first funeral song I settled on, and I still think you could do a lot worse.

And thank you to anyone who's ever read any of them. It would have been no fun without you.


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Anonymous jonathan said...

Happy fifth anniversary Joella- love that early strapline by the way. Come to think of it it might equally well suit Crinklybee as well as about half the blogs on my blogroll...

10:25 am  
Anonymous Lance said...

I didn't realize that Kate Bush was still making music. What happens in England when she puts out something new, all the fellows devote the day to an aural pleasuring? Do women not enjoy Kate? This is a puzzling mystery to me... Is there a male artist having the same effect on British women? Perhaps it is Tom Jones? Or Morrissey?

11:22 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

Well, she's not making much music, this was her first album in a decade I think. Yes, women enjoy Kate too, but for men of a gentle temperament and a certain age (early 40s would be optimal but can be up to 10 years either side) she embodies all that is wonderful about womanhood.
Male equivalent... can't think of one to be honest. Tom Jones has some appeal for the older woman, possibly, though he's a bit of a cliche and these days a bit of an embarrassment. Morrissey has never loved women, and that limits his fantasy boyfriend appeal somewhat. I'll have to have a think about that one!

11:34 am  

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