Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cheered, mildly

First: we had to get someone out to the washing machine *again*. That is the *third time*. I was beginning to feel seriously oppressed by a domestic appliance. But the man said that the part used to fix it when it stopped heating up (first callout) was faulty, and that this was why it had stopped heating up again and was so noisy even after we had the lump of concrete re-secured (second callout). Should be all fixed, and without having had to resort to extended warranty rip off. Here's hoping.

Second: I heard back from Stagecoach.

Dear joella,
Thank you for your e-mail of 5th November 2007. I am sorry that you received such poor service from one of my members of staff. The fare is still £1.30 and I am unable to explain the drivers actions in trying to charge you more.
I have seen the driver about this incident and warned him about his future conduct. I hope that a similar incident does not happen again.
Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Oxford Local Bus Manager

As they say in the insurance company advert, that's better.

Third: went to an interesting lunchtime talk on the Middle East today. Usually such talks (about the Middle East, they do have them about other things) move along the 'basically, it's all completely fucked' lines. This one was more of 'it's possibly not quite as completely fucked as it was 12 months ago'. This is not the place for serious political analysis (mine or anyone else's) but let's just say I bought a share in his sliver of hope and I shall look after it carefully. Let's hear it for the pragmatists. Falafel all round!



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