Friday, August 10, 2007

Thrills, spills and bellyaches

I do so want to be clean living, and I am so bad at it. On Wednesday night we cycled up to Plumbing S's for dinner. She has a big terrace with epic views and the kind of table that looks like it should have a whole roast pig on a platter in the middle of it. Knowing Plumbing S, half the time it probably does, but on this night she was pulling out the vegetarian stops, though she did do a chicken 'on the side', she can't help herself.

She's also forgotten more about wine than most of us will ever know, and she hauls dusty bottles out of dark places and foists then upon you. You get something different with each course. I forget how many courses there were. Around midnight we hauled the last chunk of tree trunk out of the wood-burner (or it would still be burning now) and called it a night.

Then we had to get home. It's downhill all the way, with a couple of bits of really scary, badly lit bits. The kind of downhill you normally do with the brakes on. Not holding hands, Thelma and Louise style, and whooping.

The morning of my first ever hangover I had trampolining at school. I wanted to die. Yesterday I had the dentist at 9 am. I felt much the same.



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