Friday, August 03, 2007

All hail fourth wave feminism

Said M this evening... "My discovery of the fact that you can microwave a raw poppadom in 30 seconds is possibly my greatest gift to mankind.


Or humankind, I should say.


Oh, and you have to give them 30 more seconds to stiffen."

He's bang on.


(illustration courtesy of Vibe2k. Concept courtesy of AMcV. Original fury courtesy of Spitting Mad Woman.)



Anonymous Charlie said...

All I've ever read in Observer Woman was an article about Sarah Silverman, who I found very funny but did, I have to admit, appear - however 'ironically' - on the cover in her underwear. But I think that, awful as I'm sure it is, it's awful in much the same way as all those food/clothes/design/lifestyle supplements are, in as much as they are just there to sell adverts, and the editorial in between is almost incidental.

So someone at The Observer sat down and said, what can we sell ads against - cars, travel, food, clothes. Ooh, I know! Women.

Actually, that *is* worse. Maybe I should just delete this.

8:30 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

I hate Observer Food Monthly as well. And Observer Music Monthly. I've never opened Observer Sport Monthly, obviously, but I'm pretty sure I'd hate that too. I'm sure their collective raison d'etre is exactly as you say, but even so they could try a bit harder. I would. Observer Woman is the worst, but they are all vile and smug and cliquey and patronising and just plain wrong. I got sick of being angry with them, so I stopped buying the Observer. And I haven't found anything else to read on a Sunday that I don't also hate. It's very disappointing.

12:10 pm  

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