Monday, April 23, 2007

I heart Andrew Marr

There are lots of clever funny men out there, but most of them just sit around being clever and funny at the expense of people who are less clever and less funny, and, to me at least, that's Just Not That Attractive. Call me earnest, and you wouldn't be the first, but the clever funny men I like the best are the ones who do something useful with it.

I was very sad when Andrew Marr stopped being the BBC's Political Editor, as he made me *want* to watch the 10 O'Clock News. But he made up for it by making Start The Week funny (well, I quite liked it with Paxo too, if I'm honest).

This morning, he was talking to the head honcho at English Heritage, who has done a study of the White House, 10 Downing Street, and the Kremlin, and how these kinds of buildings both influence and are influenced by the type of regime whose leaders they house. They were talking about how George W Bush set about redecorating the White House the second he took up residency.

AM: 'So it was as if he needed to remove the stains of the Clinton era?'


AM: 'Not literally, of course'.





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I heart Johnny Marr.

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