Friday, June 30, 2006

Meanwhile out in the real world

A fascinating article from Guardian Weekly about a journalist called Somoura Sorious is doing the rounds at work. I quote:

"The things I said in Living with Aids about the African male's sexuality are things that no white journalist can say," he muses, relaxing over a drink at a pub in Clapham, south London. "There are honest things that the western media ought and need to say about Africa but political correctness has prevented them."

It's well worth a read, for lots of reasons, and I believe every word of it. It reminded me of the story I heard on the Today programme this week about how teenage girls are part of a campaign to get lads' mags moved to the top shelf. Young men in this country are doing awful things to young women, but the brave new post feminist world gives none of us much space to debate this.

Maybe we will see the fourth wave of feminism rise in the (global) north, and this time it really will be about men as well. And maybe the same thing, only different, will happen in the south. Maybe we really will EVAW.

Or maybe I am just high on the fact that this week I have stood up to the playground bully and survived, it's 10.30 at night and I am blogging in the garden by candlelight while listening to Neil Young, and some of my best friends are men.



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