Saturday, May 12, 2012

Postcard from a long ago holiday

In the latest of a long series of clearouts I decide I can part with my notebook that used to be a plastic box. It contains many shopping and party invite lists, notes from meetings, plumbing diagrams, things Mick the builder said when he was stoned, and this rather cryptic collection of notes from the lake. Oh, the lake. I want to go back to the lake. K and I have promised ourselves it will happen as soon as our respective lives have settled in their respective new cities.  

Wed 23. Tampere, vodka
Thur 24. Adventure park. Gherkin lunch. Tornado. Rapids & water guns. Harald the Viking
Fri 25: A litre of peas and a litre of cherries. Bus via Lahti with stickers on seats. Meeting A & L in Kuortti. The mission for mayonnaise. Welcomed by the bear. Crackling sauna. Into the lake. 
Sat 26. Sauna lake sauna. Coffee on the swing seat. LOST. S & H arrive! The first big fish. Pertunmaa. Lake night lake watching. 
Sun 27. ALKO is closed. Sauna lake sauna lake. 100 backstroke out. The second big fish. Night sauna. 
Mon 28. Sauna lake sauna lake sauna lake. Fishy omelette. Out to ALKO. Cool recycling machine. Swimming noodles. Fishshot. Lentil soup & halloumi. Cardy. Balcony dancing. Naked swimming. General craziness. 
Tues 29. Red wine head. Much sleep. 100 degree sauna. Giant midget. 
Wed 30. Calm & fresh. Healthy. Boys rowing. Sauna lake sauna lake sauna lake with K. 
Thu 31. Hot on the deck. Bleeding. Schnapps. Jews. 
Fri 1. Poetry bark. Plumbing talk. Meatballs. Ballet. Drinking the house dry. Moondance. 
Sat 2. Consequences. Nature walk. Stories. Egg & gherkin salad. Fizzy grapefruit. 
Sun 3. Puppet museum. Rowing to Pertunmaa. Beer & peas. Sauna lake sauna lake sauna. After dinner walk. Ice cream.