Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To have and to have not

It's the end of the post war dream today, so I thought I'd focus on something else. 

Here are some things I really like. 
1. A house featuring four kinds of fruit steeping in four kinds of booze, oh yes. 
2. Wet walnuts
3. The beginning of hat and fingerless gloves season
4. Two trips to the seaside (one north, one south) in two weeks
5. Neal's Yard's new Soil Association Certified eyeshadows.

Here are some things which really annoy me. 
1. When people 'like' their own Facebook status updates, or end them with x, or both. 
2. The phrase 'om nom nom'. 
3. When people say 'X more sleeps till Y'. 
4. Comic Sans
5. Anything involving the words 'going forwards', apart from this



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